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Bravery - read by Jacque Nelson

"Bridges of Light" - a painting by Jacque Nelson
"Bridges of Light" by Jacque Nelson

I remember the moment when I first read Jacque’s poem, Bravery. Her acknowledgment and care embraced me at my core.

The poem acknowledges the crisis of profound loss and offers a way through. Jacque guides us through the steps of admitting and experiencing crises, offering a clear experience of who we are in that moment while at the same time, not losing ourselves to the moment.

Although I heard in her words the loss of a loved one, I felt the loss of innocence, the loss of belief, the loss of trust. I felt held in the truth of these losses. I felt the imperative need of these moments. The necessity to stop being brave and simply be who I am, even in the most profoundly painful places – perhaps especially in the anguish of loss.

~Elizabeth Jo

Click here to join Jacque as she reads her poem "Bravery"

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