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My name is Elizabeth and I would like to share with you a little about myself. I love being here, exploring and curiously realizing things about myself and our world. Born with the eyes and heart of a philosopher, I currently enjoy writing, editing, creating art, and exploring what herbs have to share with us. I thrive in the world that lives on the river outside my door and as a mother, I am honored to grow in my love and understanding as the years unfold.


Along with my passions for thought, stories and music, I recognize the imperative role that film has in our world. I’m particularly fascinated with movies, which not only reflect but also form our perspectives on life. 


But these are not the only ways that I enjoy life around me! From the grebes and herons that perch on the trees in my backyard to the thrill of finding the next “perfect bite” at dinner, I enjoy conversation and exchange.

You may have already noticed that these conversations are an important puzzle piece of who I am. My experience is deeply rooted in showing up to exchange with the person, herb, or Little Giant character who often shows up in my art work. 

My first published series, Choosing New Ways Forward, has been and continues to be a conversation. When I am writing, I am exchanging—with myself, with the book, with readers, with humanity in general, with the folks who have had a voice in what I’m writing. As you explore my site, it is my pleasure to invite you to join this conversation. 

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